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Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan Female College on May 15, 1851 by Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, making the Adelphean Society the first secret society for women. In the years following, Alpha Delta Pi has colonized more than 200 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. 
Northwest Missouri State University colonized Alpha Delta Pi on November 12, 2005. The Theta Alpha chapter of Alpha Delta Pi is committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility. The friendships made in Alpha Delta Pi will last a lifetime.

Official Colors: Our colors are azure blue and white. Blue represents friendship. White represents sincerity and truth.
Official Mascot: The lion is the mascot of Alpha Delta Pi. Our lion is nicknamed Alphie.
Official Flower: Our flower is the Woodland Violet, which grows wild.
Official Jewel: The diamond is our official jewel, and it represents enduring strength and the value of friendship. Our four-pointed diamond symbolizes having a balanced life that includes sisterhood, scholarship, sorority and service.
Open Motto: We Live for Each Other
Alpha Delta Pi

First. Finest. Forever. Since 1851.